Terms and conditions WWW.ANGUSTOS.RO


The website www.angustos.ro is in the use of Greenwood Energy S.R.L., headquartered in Negrești – Oaș city, Victoriei street, block 27, ap. 3, Satu Mare county, registered at the Trade Register under no. J30 / 657/2015, Unique Registration Code RO 35037860, the company named below, generically named in the following as  the owner of the site or the company.

The website www.angustos.ro presents our company and its activity, as well as our products. At the same time, the site ensures the possibility of subscribing in order to receive periodic information (newsletters), as well as registration services for participating in various events organised by the company, services subject to these terms, if no special conditions are stipulated for each case.

The following terms will be defined as follows:

  • User – any person who accesses the site or who will be able to register at a time on the site, being interested in the activity of www.angustos.ro, subscribes in order to receive periodic information (newsletters) or registers as a participant in events organised by the company and which implicitly undertakes to comply with this set of rules, being responsible for his actions on the site;
  • Service – providing the user with access to the platform through which he can subscribe in order to receive periodic information (newsletters) or can register as a participant in events organised by the company.


It is not necessary to register users to access the site, respectively the presentation sections.

The registration of the user is mandatory only if he registers for the regular receipt of the newsletter or for the registration in order to participate in an event organised by the company.

In order to benefit from these services offered by www.angustos.ro, you undertake and guarantee the following:

1) provide real, accurate and complete data about the user, as required by the registration form of the site;

2) maintain or update the registration data that has undergone changes so that they are in line with reality, accurate and complete. 

The site owner reserves the right (not the obligation) to verify the correctness of users’ registration data. If it is found that the information provided by the user is inaccurate, the owner of the site reserves the right to deny the user access to the services offered on the site, as well as registration and participation in organised events.

By accessing the site and the services provided, the User guarantees that he provides the owner of the site with correct data, being solely responsible for the information provided. 


The use of the site is allowed for good faith use, for obtaining information and for using the services mentioned in art. 1 above. 

Stylish representations, graphic design, logos and associated symbols and combinations thereof with any word or graphic symbol, photographs, audio-video materials, content used on this site, are the property of Greenwood Energy S.R.L. or this company has acquired the right to use them. Exceptions are information and graphics registered by users, as well as graphic signs belonging to other entities.

No user of the site can take over the content of the site, can not intervene, modify or delete its content (text, images, logos, etc.). Any infringement of this rule is an infringement of copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property right.

It is not permitted to copy, multiply, distribute, archive or store, by any means, existing materials made for commercial purposes.

If there are sections on the site where users can insert comments and express personal opinions, images or other elements that may be protected by intellectual property rights, the responsibility for their content lies exclusively with the users concerned.


The owner of this site reserves the right to modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently its operation or the services provided (in whole or in part). In this case, the owner is not responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of access to the site and the services available through it.


The user expressly declares that he accepts the following conditions: 

  1. the use of the services provided on the site is at your own risk. 
  2. the owner of the site does not offer any guarantee that:
  • the services meet all the requirements of the users;
  • services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free;
  • program errors will be corrected.


The user expressly agrees that the administrators of the site will not be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, accidental, special, including, but not limited to damages through loss of profit, possibility of use, data or other losses intangible or immeasurable, resulting from:

– the use or impossibility of using the services www.angustos.ro ;

  unauthorized access to or damage to the User’s transmissions or data;

– statements or actions of a third party on the site;

– any other problem related to the services of the site. 


Site owners may submit notices of changes to the Terms of Use or other matters by posting notices to users in general on the Site.


The owner of www.angustos.ro is not obliged to comply with the obligations provided in the Terms of Use, as a result of a cause beyond its control, including but not limited to fortuitous events, adverse weather conditions, other actions or inactions that the site’s administrators are not responsible.


By accessing this website, the User accepts that this contract and any dispute related to it are governed and interpreted in accordance with Romanian law, and the User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Romanian courts. 

www.angustos.ro does not guarantee that the content of this site is subject to the laws (including those of intellectual property) of other countries outside Romania. If the User accesses this site from outside Romania, he does so at his own risk and is solely responsible for complying with the laws of the country in which he is located.


These terms regulate users’ access to the website www.angustos.ro. If, after the launch of the site, additional services made available on the site will be implemented, these services will be subject to the same rules and conditions contained in these clauses, if they will not benefit from conditions separate from these.

By accessing this site you accept the above conditions and you agree that it has the value of a contract, tacitly accepted, between the user and the administrators of the site. If you do not wish to comply with the rules described above, please do not use the services provided by this site.